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The Best Friends

Emma Watson and Rupert Grint came out of filming to talk to us a bit about what they are doing and what they think are the destinies of their characters.

Tu: How has the experience been on this fifth film?

Emma Watson: It’s been really fun, it’s been wonderful to have David Yates as director, because Newell did things differently, and it’s nice for us.

Rupert Grint: Yeah, it’s good to be back, it’s a new script, new writers, a new director and it’s a new experience, and yeah it’s been really good.

Tu: How do you feel now about your characters?

EW: For Hermione this role is more like the one she had in the third, she’s the one who takes Harry and Ron everywhere, trying to encourage them to do things and she’s the brains behind what happens. She tries to take care of Harry all the time, she spends her time worrying about him. In this film, the focus is on Harry’s emotional journey, because in the last one, he was facing dragons, completing all those tasks he had to pass, basically trying to stay alive. While in this one, he has to face his demons and internal problems. Hermione’s job is to keep him from isolating himself and to encourage him, showing him how valuable his friends are. In this film, I have a very good part. I really enjoyed it.

Tu: What do you do when you’re on set and you aren’t filming?

RG: I have the best dressing room. I have a ping-pong table, pool table, dartboard. Yeah, it’s a good place, it’s great, and since I don’t go to school anymore, I have more time.

Surely, if he had the equipment, Ron would organize a20ping-pong tournament, and it’s rumored that Dan always loses, but perhaps the twins would give him a fight.

Tu: What videogame do you play?

RG: Basically just fighting games, but I don’t do it much. I actually play ping-pong all the time.

Tu: And you, Emma, what do you do on the set?

EW: Well, it’s different for me really because I’m studying for my exams and it’s been really hard work. When I come off the set, I go straight to my classes and if not, I just talk to friends. Ah! I get along great with everyone in makeup and sometimes I visit them and they let me put on makeup and they show me some things. It’s impressive to see what they do, all the wounds and the scars…

The red “sidebar” says:
Although everyone thinks of Ron as the most entertaining of the trio, in reality, when he’s in front of the press, he becomes someone so timid he’s like Ron trying out for the Quidditch team. Although it’s hard to get a long answer from him, he still gave us one or two theories.

Scan available in our gallery here: RGus Gallery | June 2007

Translation by Sophia

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