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Hey girls!

Just a little more than one week until we’re sitting in a movie theater watching Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince! For the next 9 days, TWIST will bring you the scoop from our trip to London to see the flick being filmed!

So, here’s your Monday report:

When TWIST chatted with Rupert Grint, we had to know which HP character he’d like to play if he wasn’t cast as Harry’s BFF, Rob.

“Malfoy would be kind of cool ’cause he’s totally different!” Rupert spills. “And Snape is always one of my favorites, but yeah, maybe Malfoy’s character would be cool.”

Tell TWIST, do you see Rupert playing a bad guy? Or is he the perfect sidekick to Harry? Comment now!

Original article found at Twist| July 6th, 2009

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