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Written by William Wilkes

freddieUCL Neuroscience student and former Muggle Freddie Stroma has swapped Fives for Quidditch for the new Harry Potter Film ‘Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince’.

Stroma is set to play Cormac McClaggen, an arrogant Gryffindor who knocks Harry unconscious during a Cup Final against Quidditch minnows Ravenclaw.

Stroma, who had to take a year out of his degree because of filming in Ireland, described the experience so far as: “Crazy. Really, really cool.”

Stroma told London Student that co-star Daniel Radcliffe is: “Hyper but really friendly.”

Despite being left under the mistletoe by her character Hermione Granger, Stroma describes the world’s 33rd sexiest woman (according to FHM) Emma Watson as: “really fun and grounded and in no way a diva” and Rupert Grint (Ron) as: “really cool, incredibly witty, but surprisingly quiet.”

Stroma is fast becoming a global heartthrob amongst Harry Potter fans. A group of 16-year old Girls from Saskatchewan, Canada have set up the Facebook group “Freddie Stroma puts me in a coma” which describes him as: “a beautiful man. Seriously, he’s gorgeous.”

Group founder Mia Maclaine Bell spoke to London Student about Stroma’s ‘stunning’ good looks: “All of my friends think he is really beautiful. I showed them pictures of him I had found while looking for news about the new Harry Potter movie, they were speechless.”

Although it probably doesn’t take a brain surgeon to work out which would be more fun, Stroma is now weighing up whether to continue his Neuroscience degree or become a full-time film star.

Original article found here I September 15, 2008

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