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Weasley Does It: Rupert Grint Interview

Ron Weasley’s down-to-earth alter-ego on growing up and getting old…

Rupert Grint has managed to squeeze several movies in between filming on the Harry Potter saga, with the coming-of-age drama Cherrybomb – which sees his character having a wild weekend – only the latest. We chat to the 21 year old about teenage rebellion and what he’s looking forward to the most once Harry has wrapped…

SKY MOVIES MAGAZINE: Were you consciously trying to move away from Ron Weasley with your recent non-Harry Potter projects? You played a rebellious teen in Cherrybomb and a young hitman in Wild Target…
RUPERT GRINT: I don’t know, I don’t think about it really. At the moment I’m still doing all the Potter things, and I’m lucky to get to do other stuff in between.

SMM: Could you relate more to your Cherrybomb character, who gets up to some typical teenage behaviour?
RG: Yes. The fact that you can look back and relate it to things that you’d actually done yourself – I’m much older than my character in it, he’s 16 ­– really helps.

SMM: Did you miss out on that teenage phase because of Harry Potter?
RG: No, I don’t think I missed out too much. And I don’t really regret it. It’s been a really good experience making the films. I’ve had a good time.

SMM: Is it a shock going to work on a low-budget film like Cherrybomb after the pampered world of Harry Potter?
RG: Well, it was quite scary going to a different place, but the biggest difference was just the pace they worked at. It was much quicker and it was much more exciting, actually.

SMM: Do you get recognised everywhere you go now?
RG: I do get recognised quite a bit now but everyone’s really nice so it’s quite easy to deal with. But still a bit strange.

MM: What are you most looking forward to with the last two films?
RG: I really loved the book. There’s a lot of great stuff in it. Particularly in Part 2 – that’s what I’m most looking forward to because that’s where all the action is. And the “20 years after” thing – that’s going to be interesting. I’m pretty sure they’ll age us up for that. I can’t really see them doing that with CG…

SMM: So what’s next after Potter? Have you been offered roles in Hollywood?
RG: There’s been a few things about but it’s quite tight with the Harry Potter thing. Usually we only get a few months in between. Something like Cherrybomb only took four weeks to film so it was easy just to sort of slide in. We’ll see what happens when this is all done.

Words: Matt Mueller

This interview first appeared in Sky Movies Magazine Sep/Oct 2010

Original article found here: Sky Movies Magazine | September/October 2010

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