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When did Rupert Grint get sooooo hot?!

It’s always a bit shocking when young actors get their kit off in public for the first time. Especially when, if they’ve been acting since a very young age, you sort of still think of them as children. Do you remember how strange it was when Daniel Radcliffe first stripped off for Equus? We weren’t sure if we were even allowed to look! Well, you have nothing to worry about with this man – yes, we said man, he is 20 years old now, you know! – fellow Harry Potter star Rupert Grint. The red-haired actor has shed his wizard robes for his latest role in Cherrybomb, where he plays Malachy, one of three teens who embark on a wild weekend. Just look at that smouldering gaze! All thoughts of that cute little Ron Weasley are forgotten. We think Rupert could seriously give DanRad a run for his money in the hotness stakes. In fact, we think we might actually fancy Rupert a teensy bit more. Are you impressed with the shirtless Rupert, or do you think we’re all a bit sick and wrong for looking?

When did he get SO hot?

Original article found here: Heat World | January 14th, 2009

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