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Wild Target and Cherrybomb: More Distribution News

We are exited to bring you good news about Rupert Grint’s films Cherrybomb and Wild Target from the European Film Market in Berlin!

Staffer Karo has met up with the representatives of The Little Film Company and Protagonist Pictures today.

We can officially confirm that Cherrybomb will return to Germany thanks to Capelight!

Additionally, Universal Pictures have not only taken the rights for distribution in the United Kingdom, but also for Australia!
Further deals are on their way, so keep all your fingers crossed, and hopefully our International Cherrybomb Clip will give the distributors the final push!

Also, I’m forwarding a very big Thank You from The Little Film Company for all the effort you guys put into the Cherrybomb Campaign. For more information, check out the Cherrybomb Buzz!

On to Wild Target! We have received confirmation for several countries a while ago, but the list has gotten longer!
Wild Target has already been sold to almost all European countries, now also including Italy, Scandinavia, Spain, Turkey, Baltic States and Russia. Wild Target will also come to China, Hong Kong, Middle East, Australia, New Zealand, Latin America and Canada (and these are only the countries I memorised, but there were more).
Sadly, there’s no deal for the US as of now, but hopefully yesterday’s and tomorrow’s screening at the EFM will solve this. If not, we know how to deal with unwilling distributors, don’t we?!

Also, we can expect the release dates of the other countries very soon, as the date for the UK was to be announced first, so the other releases should be scheduled soon enough.

We will keep you updates on everything, but this is our Valentine’s present to you

Original article found here at Rupert-Grint.Us I February 14, 2010

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