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Wild Target Soundtrack To Feature Liam Shachar

Rupert Grint’s upcoming film Wild Target, where he plays the unlikely apprentice of a professional assassin, will be accompanied by a soundtrack featuring DJ Liam Shachar’s work “The Waves.” Shachar’s Facebook page recently included a blurb stating that:

My track “The Waves” is gonna be featured on “Wild Target” a new film by director Jonathan Lynn and staring Bill Nighy and Emily Blunt.

This track sounds very sexy, and is a good house jam mixed with some sultry vocals and a little electronica feeling. It will probably make for some very good background to the actions sequences we’re sure to see in Wild Target.

For more info on Liam and his music, you can check out his website, myspace page, facebook page, or even his twitter page.

Article found here on Liam’sOfficialFacebookI Published August 16, 2009

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