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Working with a superstar

During the filming of Petter Næss’ new film ”Into the White”, Terje Strømstad worked closely with the superstar Rupert Grint among others. The guy from the West is full of praise when he is describing the British actor.

Rupert Grint is world-renowned for his role as Harry Potter’s best friend, Ron Weasley. You might think that such a guy would be difficult to deal with when he comes to little Norway to shoot a film, but no.

– Rupert is a very calm and easygoing guy, completely free of diva-like-qualities. You don’t really understand how big he is when you’ve lived so close with him for two months, but one day I took him to Stryn to have dinner, and then I understood it. The girls flocked around him to take pictures and get autographs, and he took his time with all of them, says Strømsand who had help from the Norwegian nature when he got to know the Brit.

– Happy to work together again

– It was me who picked him up at the trainstation when he arrived, and on the way up to Grotli it was a little quiet in the car. All of a sudden a moose came out onto the road and it refused to move. It became an exotic car ride for Rupert. The moose came as if ordered, he said with a laugh.

– Rupert was not just a nice guy, but also an incredibly talented actor. I hope I get to work with him again.

Fun to work with Næss

On a day to day basis, Terje Strømstad is a producer in the company Tappeluft Pictures, but it wasn’t difficult to accept with the phonecall came with the request to be production manager for Petter Næss in his film.

– Usually, I have enough to do with my own company, but this challenge seemed like so much fun that I couldn’t turn it down, he says.

The film “Into the White” is based on a true story from Second World War where British and German pilots fight out an air battle over the Norwegian mountains. When the planes crash, the pilots eventually end up at the same cabin and have to work together. Strømstad thinks that it’s a film that people should see.

– I absolutely think so. Imagine the tension that was between them when they were in that cabin. They couldn’t trust each other at all. At the same time, they are stuck there because of the weather and are dependent on each other to survive, he says, and takes the opportunity to brag a little of Petter Næss.

– He is a nice and determined director who knows exactly how he wants things. In addition to this, he is full of humor and creates a great atmosphere on set, he says.

Translated by Majbritt.

Original article found here: | March 7, 2012

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