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– You have made it cool to be ginger

Potter-hysteria on the red carpet. In Bergen!

“Oh My God! It’s really him!”, screamed the teenage fans from Bergen when Harry Potter star Rupert Grint visited Bergen.

– You have made it cool to be ginger. Please, give an autograph, was written on one of the posters that the girls had brought with them.

– This is pretty crazy, British Rupert Grint admits.

And he has eight “Harry Potter” premieres to compare it to.

A bit much
The line of autograph and picture hunters behaved well up until the car with the young star rolled up in front of the Magnus Barfot theatre. After that, it’s chaos. The “Harry Potter” star, who can be seen in the Norwegian film “Into the White” right now, takes his time so that many can get a picture and an autograph. But he thinks it’s a bit much.

– I’ve met some amazing fans during my stay in Norway, but right now they’re a bit wild, he says while he has to push himself through the crowd.

The conditions were a bit calmer when BA met Rupert Grint at the hotel a little earlier in the day. He is not as much of a joker as Ron Weasley in real life. And he’s not fiery and rude like the soldier in “Into the White”.

– I’m the complete opposite, actually. Laidback and slightly reserved. I don’t know how I would react in exactly that situation. But it was fun to play a guy like that, Rupert Grint says.

Liked the story
He was keen to find a film that was different from the Harry Potter films after that adventure had ended. In “Into the White” he plays a British pilot who is shot down and strands in a Norwegian hunting cabin with German soldiers. Grint’s character provides a lot of the humor in the film.

– I liked the story and I’ve always been interested in the war.

Translation by Malene.

Original article found here: | March 7, 2012

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